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Tips for summer dog care

Our dogs love summer almost as much as we do. It’s the best time of year for me to get outdoors and enjoy what the season has to offer. While there is nothing wrong with having your pet on picnics, hikes, swimming, or running, keep in mind the hot weather can be risky. When the sun is shining brightly, it is difficult for pets to remain calm.

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Here are a few summer dog training tips when you adopt dog

Leaving your dog in a hot car is never a good idea. Okay, you’ve probably seen this one before, but it’s so relevant that we’ve put it first. A pet will suffer from heat stroke and suffocate in a car in just a few minutes. Most people are ignorant of how inconvenient it is to park a car. Bring water and a water bowl for you when you walk your dog in the car, and take your dog with you when you exit the vehicle.

Keep the dog’s paw cold – During the humid summer midday, surfaces such as concrete or metal may become incredibly hot. Keep your pet away from hot asphalt; not only can it sear their paws, but it will also raise their body temperature and lead to overheating. Driving around with the dog in the truck is not a good idea; the hot metal will quickly melt the paws.

Your dog should still have access to fresh water and shade – Our dogs are thirstier than we are when it gets hot, and other than panting and drinking, they have no other means to cool down. As far as possible, keep your pet in the shade. While dogs and cats enjoy sunbathing, direct sunlight can cause them to overheat and suffer from heat stroke.

Give your dog his own kiddie pool – Dogs who like water naturally enjoy it even more during the hot months because getting soaked keeps them cool. Getting a little, kid-sized pool would be a huge benefit.

Don’t assume your dog can swim well – Just because dogs are born with the ability to swim does not imply that they are good swimmers. And if your dog jumps into your swimming pool, he will not be able to get out on his own and will likely drown. Be sure your dog can’t get to your pool without returning.

These are few dogs care summer tips when you adopt dog, that you have to follow. Keep visiting to know more.

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