Dog Exercises

Why Your Pet Needs Dog Exercise

Every dog breed requires different amounts of daily activity and exercise. Experts says that some daily activity and exercise is essential to keeping your pet’s physical and emotional health at an optimum level. Lack of dog exercise will lead to obesity, poor muscle tone, heart problems, bone and joint disorders and will often result in emotional problems, boredom barking, destructive behavior, and anxiety.

That is why a regular exercise routine is an essential part of any dog’s healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition, grooming and regular visits to your veterinarian are also equally important to keep your pet happy and healthy. Ideally, an exercise plan should be established when your dog is still a puppy and continued throughout your pet’s life.Try to know the characteristics of your dog first to establish the best exercise plan for him.

Giving your pet exercise daily will greatly reduce her risk for injuries and diseases, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Bone and joint disorders
  • Low muscle tone
  • Digestive disorders
  • Depression

Exercise will also allow your furry friend to sleep better, meaning that he won’t be awake at night making noise. And it will also boost his immune system by getting a proper night’s sleep thus preventing the onset of these life-threatening diseases. Another benefit for you and your pet is that dog exercise will help build a lasting bond with your pet. When your canine exercises, you’ll be right there with your pet, establishing a bond of trust. This is especially important for rescue dogs, shy dogs and dogs just recently adopted.

These types of dogs in particular need to establish a bond with you in order to become a better-behaved pet. Dogs who benefit from daily exercise are less likely to be aggressive and are more affectionate and loyal because they bond with you through walking together and playing games. Exercise gives your dog the ideal personality, making him a loving, loyal dog who isn’t aggressive toward other dogs and people whom he trusts.

The responsible pet owner knows that a daily dog exercise routine is simply a part of owning a dog. Once you’ve welcomed a dog into your life, you must give him adequate exercise each day to keep both your dog and yourself happy and healthy. A properly exercised dog will sleep better, suffer from left anxiety when left alone, will be less aggressive, and will be generally happier and more content.

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